The Face-Tip-Trick-Book

Come and chat with me! But where to go, which instant messenger to use? Yahoo, Skype, AIM, MSN, or some else? Some limited chat functionality is integrated even in VOIP applications like Voipcheap or SMS applications like Chikka. Another option would be to use a web based instant messenger like that one on Facebook. Meaning to say, if you got a Facebook account you will have its instant messenger, whether you like it or not. Logging into your Facebook account will also log you into the Facebook chat tool. Well, it seems to be very practical to be able to chat without having to leave the Facebook environment. So you will be able to play games or look at your friend’s picture album and chat at the same time.

The standard, stand-alone instant messengers offer a list of additional features like webcam, picture sharing, file transfer, telephony, just to name a few. You will miss these things in the integrated Facebook messenger, which characterizes the messenger feature as a kind of add-on to the Facebook environment, not as a core feature. So if you like to chat and see your chat partner at the same time, the classic messengers will be the means of choice for doing so.

Emoticons or smileys in Yahoo and related messengers have been ever since the favorite way to express moods for many users. It started with typing signs like :) or :'(, which appeared on the screen of the receiving partner in the early days of messaging as typed by the sender. Later the messenger software translated these key combinations into small pictures, the emoticons. Today these messengers offer an emoticon box, where the user just makes his choice out of list of ready-made emoticons, without the hassle of remembering the original key combination for what he/she wants to express.

Facebook has no such option for handling emoticons. Here we have to go the old-fashioned way of remembering all those key combinations in order to bring a smile onto the screen of our chat partner. Here are some for those, who have already forgotten how it all started some years ago: