Tips & Tricks – How to save money from food inflation?

There is a several ways that you can save money from food inflation. You might think, like buying cheap pastas and store inside the box as a pitch meal would bring you and your diet clean. The answer is No. So, what exactly you should have to do? Below is the five ways that you can avoid yourself from food inflation.

1)Control your shopping habit – Make your kitchen clean, don’t go to the grocery store and mall if it is not necessary. Plan and make your schedule well. As for an ordinary person, 2 times per week is enough. You can choose one day from Saturday and Sunday and another from weekdays. When you go to the shopping mall, only buy the necessary food like cheese, packages of potato, noodles which you really love to eat.

2)Eat frozen Food – When you compare price with the normal food, frozen food are the best to keep it. Not only that it is much cheaper than the normal deals, at least you can save it at 4 to 5$ per pack. But always remember to defrost it before you eat.

3)Buy Big, don’t choose small – Image you are buying shampoo and pack of rice, instead of going to buy a small one, buying a big one should save a lot.

4)Find a discount – There is always something news in the market where you can always find out yourself. Especially in season time, you will find a discounted food and item in the market at cheaper price. There is nothing to be painful if you are grapping it. So, just go ahead and Find a discount before people take it.

5)Eat more vegetables – chicken and beef price are always increasing in the market. According to the market analyst, 3.8% of the meat prices are increasing every year. If you buy the vegetables you can not only save your budget, you can bring your life as healthy living.